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25 December 2012 @ 06:37 pm
Story 1: His parts, colors, and components  
Piece portrays the tale of Suga Mizuho and Narumi Hikaru, two people who dated casually in the past and fell apart in the same fashion. They meet again after three long years, only to find the task of delving into classmate Origuchi Haruka's past and memories laying in front of them. Will this eventually lead them back together? That depends on what they find out.


Upon learning about the untimely death of Origuchi Haruka (Mizuno Erina) from a terminal disease, female university student Suga Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) goes to the high school classmate's funeral service, only to meet another classmate, Narumi Hikaru (Nakayama Yuma), for the first time in three years.


In their high school days, Hikaru was famous for being a total player, constantly switching between girls who happen to fall under his charm and flirting with them.


Aside from that, he was also known to rudely step into people's private spaces. On the other hand, Mizuho found it hard to deal with others, and appeared to be cool in front of her friends - at all times.


Despite all that, these two developed a special relationship. They shared a kiss in the classroom, ventured on a mysterious trip one summer vacation day, and went on to have a secret affair, which is neither love nor friendship.


While reminiscing all these, Mizuho is suddenly called by Haruka's mother (Nakamura Kumi) with such a desperate voice, upon hearing her name.


Under the impression that she and Haruka were close friends, she asks Mizuho about Haruka's "lover".


...It turns out that Haruka had been pregnant with that lover's child.


The first episode garnered a rating of 2.5%, which is not bad for a late-night drama, since passing the 1% mark for this timeslot indicates a certain popularity of the drama. This episode ran for an hour, much to my delight, as I have had a background of this from reading the first few chapters of the manga. Having done so, I consider the story to be totally interesting and unique, and the characters having so much depth. Probably, the directors thought the series needed an introduction slightly longer than usual. But the next episodes will only be 30 minutes long, which will undoubtedly force them to leave some potentially important details behind.

In the acting department, Nakayama Yuma and Honda Tsubasa did justice to bringing the two main characters to life, and just only from this episode, we can already feel the chemistry and unresolved tension (sexual or otherwise) between them.

However, Tsubasa-san struggled with some facial expressions, thus making them look totally awkward. Similarly, Yuma-san might look totally believable in serious scenes, but the scenes where he was supposed to look happy and playful (without being sarcastic) felt quite off.


All the other actors' performances were forgettable, except for one: Arai Moe. She did a splendid job portraying the bubbly Nishida Remi, and she even had the looks to pass as the character's manga version! That doesn't mean she couldn't play the character's dark and sad side either, as she did so with flying colors. In the manga, I remember myself not having too much sympathy for Remi, but through Moe-san, I can now totally feel for her.


I give this episode's happenings a perfect score. Through this drama, I found the story much more interesting than ever. Evidently, throughout the drama series they will jumble the sequence of the events as they appeared from the manga to make it more watchable.

Since this drama is an adaptation of an original work, there are inevitable alterations. For this episode I found a mighty ridiculous one. Narumi jumping from the third floor terrace of a flat of the girl he's recently been flirting with, and being able to land unscathed? Is this an extension of Koishite Akuma?!


It seems that in this series, they will have a chance to only improve from where the musical and videographical aspects of the previous drama of the same timeslot left off. Similar with Sprout, the sharp-subject-blurred-background kind of videography is employed, with a lot of visual symbols related to the storyline added in. I also like how details such as flares are clearly seen, and add even more color and life to the drama than it already has.


Western insert themes were also utilized, and this time the song used was I Will, from Matchbox Twenty's recent album, North.

I felt happy with the said band's songs featured in this series, as I really liked them even from their Unwell days. Although I haven't been able to catch up with their discography in years, I am inadvertently given the chance to do so. Additionally, the lyrics of this particular song kind of fits the theme and mood of this drama, and, perhaps by coincidence, perhaps not, we get to hear the word 'piece' from the song! Just how cool can that get?

We shall expect to be introduced to at least two more songs from the same album in the next few episodes, then stick with the set as we proceed with the latter parts of the story.

The drama OST's (soundtracks that are not released outside of the drama's context) in this episode were interesting, and they were able to provide for relaxing and fun scenes, as well as for the tense and fast-paced ones. They also did not overpower the scenes they come with.

Since Yuma-san also sang the main themes (opening and insert) which contain lyrics that pertain directly to Narumi Hikaru's struggles as a character, his single included a lot of different versions of those two, and hopefully we'll also get a chance to hear them playing as we go along this series.

Missing Piece

水の帰る場所 (Water's Returning Place)
Overall, I totally loved this episode, although a major concern is the insipidity of the episode's first half. We shall take note that this is the drama's first episode - and first impressions last - so I guess that part serves as a test of interest. Other than that, I'll pass judgment that this drama (and even this particular episode) is something worth watching a second time around.
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Erueruchaa on December 26th, 2012 01:37 pm (UTC)
Sprout, the sharp-subject-blurred-background kind of videography is employed, with a lot of visual symbols related to the storyline added in.

Kaya nga pinanood ko lang ang Sprout dahil diyan XDD

/di ko pa binabasa lahat baka may spoiler XD
ルー: penguinhsjluv93 on December 26th, 2012 02:16 pm (UTC)
Episode 1 pa lang naman 'to, lol. Di ba napanood mo na 'to? Keri lang 'yan, basahin mo na~

And thanks for dropping a comment. Omg ang saya ko lang may nagcomment sa review post ko :P

Btw, aside from FB pa'no ko makocontact ate mo? At pa'no ko siya dapat i-approach? orz

PM kudasai!


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ルー: fightstancehsjluv93 on December 27th, 2012 08:34 pm (UTC)
Ayan, ni-edit ko na, spoiler-free na 'yan. Hopefully. :P
Mitsu: Chinen-kun!kakuhiro on December 27th, 2012 04:15 pm (UTC)
LOL, I wanna see this more, damn it! I think it looks interesting! What a pity that I'm not QCing anymore :D! Well, if there's time, I will QC some last episodes of it sometimes XD

Just love Hokuto-chan with glasses *_* He's so kind there too!!! *o*

Ruu-chan's review... COOL!
ルー: heavenlyhsjluv93 on December 27th, 2012 04:53 pm (UTC)
Lol! Although I guess by the time you QC them it'd be too late... well, okay, late QC is okay, but more like, just sit back and watch, won't you want to do it that way? XDDDD


*blushes* Sankyuu! I hope the quality lasts until the last episode (and hopefully I don't get bored out of it too! X_X)