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22 November 2012 @ 03:40 pm
...before I go mad.

Yamada has Mystery Virgin. Kdot. Well, when I heard about Moonlight PV...

That's like one of my wildest bias dreams in a long while! ;_____________;

And it's finally coming true.
But not as part of a JUMP single. Or, album. orz

Anyway. I'll just hold on to another blogger's statement saying all the Kindaichi's have released solo stuff for the serial only, and it didn't affect much of their standing in their respective group in general.

But, anyway. I hope some of my fantasies about that PV do come true.


Piece episode 7 is a true shocker! (not really, but still... @__@)
Gosh...who would've thought...
But I really, really hope it isn't Narumi. Please, Ashihara-san, don't let it be Narumi! Okay? orz

And that episode 8 preview might...sadly...turn off one great review maker of this drama. orz
I will be saddened if she drops it because of that. D:

Oh well. Sometimes love's too strong to overcome logic. /shrugs
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15 October 2012 @ 09:53 am
HA! So I finally need to spit it out of my mind because this drama haunts me, everywhere I go I hear Yuma singing the theme song emember just how awesome this is, so far. :3

First of all, YES, PIECE IS TOTALLY A LOVE STORY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT PROUT, people! HAHAHAH wandafurudei and I actually loled at the parallelism orz *gets shot by Twilight/Sprout fans*.


First impression and thoughtsCollapse )

What I can definitely and safely say is, so far, I'm liking OVING the premise and the story. Friends who have read and spoiled hemselves with reading the raw scans say there will be so many things happening and a major plot twist in the story, and I'm totally looking forward to those things.

P.S. I DEMAND SEASON 2! (especially if the manga will still be ongoing even around the time the drama is supposed to end)
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01 October 2012 @ 07:05 pm
It must've been my fault that I read arisu_chan25's review on Sprout's final episode, but I must say I MIGHTY AGREE on all the things she said in there.

Idk if it's just me but I kinda felt like the ending was rushed, but it was just fine...except...fffufu... Okay I'll contain my ultimate feelings for now.


So there! YAAAAAAAAY 終わった~ Finally this series ended. Phew. So much for bearing with the veeeeery sloooooow plot movement and veeeery little character development orz.

Rating? Just take a look at my movie and drama list. I never regretted about what I gave anyway...though that was more on for the music score, production and the overall feel of the video than the acting and the plot quality. LOOOOOL.

P.S. I'm excited for Piece! I read the first chapter and part of the second and, my, the female and male protagonists sure are very unique individuals! I can't actually imagine how Yuma would portray the role, but I'm pretty confident he can adequately do it! ^0^
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29 September 2012 @ 07:36 pm
Can something be so dark, haunting, and twisted it becomes beautiful?

I never believed so myself, until I watched Shissou ~dead run~. I personally can't believe how SABU presented innocence, love, and coming-of-age in a new light through this film.

First, I have to say something about the characters in this movie.

Descriptions and my guesses about them under the cut. WARNING: Spoilers aheadCollapse )

Now you can practically skip this part if you're not the one who likes spoilers, but for those who have seen the film or for those who are even more convinced to watch stuff despite knowing what will happen, I hope I give my decent 100 yen to you lol.

My insights on the movie. WARNING: Spoilers aheadCollapse )

Even though this may take a lot of toll on the emotional side of people *cough*especially for fellow fangirls*cough*, I recommend this piece to everyone. This is something that makes you think over, and over, and over, again...till you give in to the torture and savor in the dark bliss.
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Lol. So this isn't exactly a meme but definitely snagging this from goodlucknight because I find it mighty interesting.

☐ going to visit
☑ have visited
☒ have visited but needs more time there/too young to have remembered anything lol

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26 September 2012 @ 04:05 pm
Looking through beloved Tegonyan's filmography I saw Deka Wanko, and luckily I was able to get a copy over the past weekend! So I'm halfway (yes, halfway) through it, and I won't say I'm disappointed. Hmm... :>

In fact, the characters are starting to grow on me! Tabe Mikako acting as a gothic-lolita detective sure got me really irritated in the start, but the more episodes pass the more I'm getting to like her. (I still can't stand all the pink frills though. *throws up*)

When I saw the first episode I was like "ZOMG I KNOW these actooooors omg my heaaaart *0*". Ah, that's what you get from watching too much J-dorama looool. Well, it was a handful of pretties who just came tumbling down one by one on my screen <33333 First is the guy who played Fukuchi in Hidarime Tantei EYE (Sano Shiro), then the detective over at ~Ending Planner~ (Mikami Kensei), Masu Takeshi who appeared over at Nobuta wo Produce, Scrap Teacher, and Buzzer Beat, SAWAMURA IKKI! <3 the mighty Minoru-san of Risou no Musuko hahahahahahaha. THEN, OF COURSE...MY LOVELY TEGOSHIIIIII (Tegoshi Yuuya).

This drama doesn't reaaaally have a plan to prematurely kill me with that humongous cast.

Oh well, time to get back to senses lol.

So, just like any other comedy show (probably), you will get to actually notice how the cast is overly acting things out just to make things funny. But after some time it settles down you'll get used to it, and that may also be the time that you start liking them one by one (okay, I'm getting redundant, sorry about that).

Primarily what I like about this show is its good representation of the characters, that no one of them is entirely good or bad (although Hanamori Ichiko, a.k.a. Wanko, is being one naive bunch lol), even the ones who were suspected or even arrested themselves. Okay, that may not be entirely true as well, as some of the suspects who confessed even lie orz. Whether they're covering up for someone or something, we're yet to know till this thing ends.

Well, I just hope this thing ends well. For the meantime, I'll bear the headache over Wanko's frilly fashion sense orz.
(fyi, I like gothic lolita but maybe just the darker shades. I'll be the first to disown myself if I get coerced to wear one of her outfits even just once X____X)
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06 September 2012 @ 06:52 pm
Since no one has done a copy-paste-able version of this before, I'll do it for you.
What a shame, this song hasn't been translated yet! :/
Idrk but I like the message of this song...(?) Hmm...let's see once I try translating this forrealz. XD

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

(coming soon lol)

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05 September 2012 @ 09:02 am
Titles listed randomly. My head always starts to hurt whenever I try remembering which one I watched first over which. :P

And oh, I wish for people not to get butthurt with my ratings. Most of them are heavily biased, and, of course, they're all based on my own humble opinion.

Italicized - nfinished but still going to watch
Bold - ongoing / currently watching
* - not sure if completely finished
Gray - watched most episodes but not completely finished
Pink, italicized - mind halfway between continuing and dropping XD
Red - dropped (I haven't done this so far, though :D)

- SUPERB! all my feels AAAAAH
- almost there... (but the X-factor goes missing orz)
- good enough to earn my respect
- meh
- why did this even exist?!

List under the cut!Collapse )

EDIT: I might fail in keeping this one updated so if you want to see my full drama and movie list (including Korean and Taiwanese ones), just head over to My Drama List! Easy as 1-2-3. ;)
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10 August 2012 @ 08:47 am

So I thought I had to make this since CLUBBOX changes its layout every now and then. So, I'd say, this is updated as of 08-10-2012? :))

Credits to kattunlove and mi_chan176 for most of the information used in the making of this tutorial.

How to registerCollapse )

How to downloadCollapse )

I hope this helps you in your way to CLUBBOX! lol
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16 July 2012 @ 02:49 am
Even though it won't show in the post itself, I'd still like to write that title in capslock. Why? Because it's the overarching theme of this episode. Pfft.

RATING: 2.5% 

Now we get to see more of Jesse in this episode. Okay, from this point on I have to call them by their character names (haha). We also discover that his character, Katagiri Hayato, is the ultimate playboy of the campus; he is loved by everybody but nobody owns him. Or at least that's what Miku's friends are telling her. And boy, his stares at Miku...if looks could undress anyone, Miku would be walking around naked in no time. =="

Overall, I was annoyed with Miku and her really bitter thoughts and behavior. You have eyes, dear, why not look away when you can? Basically this is an episode paying homage to the jealous girl that is Ikenouchi Miku. :| I am definitely not pleased. Souhei comes with a girlfriend from almost a year ago, GET OVER HIM! LOL. Easier said than done, I know. Most people would still insist on keeping that 'treasured feeling' buried deep within their chest, when, in fact, they're committing indirect suicide la~ You can call me heartless, but yeah. :P What really pisses me off were her thoughts. "He's not my fated person", "We're not friends", "...but I like Narahashi". MYGOD, bitch much? :/

But that comes with the storyline. Let's go to the other elements so my head can cool off.

They introduced a new Grouplove song! Yay for another song to be discovered. The music entrance and (sudden) exit were perfect this time around, even the instrumentals at that one.

Since this drama is taken on a hot summer day, viewers can noticeably see the makeup from the actors' faces peeling off! Makes me really bothered every time I see it. But maybe, no, it's just me. Who knows. LOL

Last but definitely not the least, I hate the way the camera shots portray the kissing scenes faker than they already are. I mean, come on, we all know those guys are Johnny's (not to mention underage). Don't rub it down our faces that those intimate scenes were fake. :| 

This definitely is a short one, but who knows? Things are just starting to unfold from this point. Teehee.

(P.S. I saw this title a week after I first drafted this post. gosh I seem to read the mind of the people who put titles on these stuff. O_O)
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