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28 December 2012 @ 06:00 am
Story 2: Accept everything of me... please?  
Piece portrays the tale of Suga Mizuho and Narumi Hikaru, two people who dated casually in the past and fell apart in the same fashion. They meet again after three long years, only to find the task of delving into classmate Origuchi Haruka's past and memories laying in front of them. Will this eventually lead them back together? That depends on what they find out.


A plain and reserved girl, the late Haruka had been the subject of bullying in her high school days. Nevertheless, her mother feels quite relieved to know that her daughter had a close friend whom she can talk her issues with. But that is not actually the case, as Mizuho had not interacted much with Haruka back then.


Haruka's mother pleads Mizuho to tell her who her daughter's lover is. As she does so, Mizuho looks back on her high school days, only to find that all she can recall were memories with Hikaru.


During those days, she used to go straight to Hikaru's house after school. Housekeeper Nanao (Kino Hana) stood in place of Hikaru's mother (Toda Naho), who never came back home from work, to assist and look after him (although not on a daily basis).


Developing the habit of coming to his house every week and sleeping beside him, Mizuho came to wish Hikaru accepts everything of her.


Most probably it was the episode preview's fault, but this actually managed to get a rating of 3.4%. Hmm... considering that it had little to offer compared with the previous one (both in terms of length and content), that was a significant increase. To be frank, though, I had to watch this episode for quite a few times around to let the truth of this drama being half-time sink in. Altogether, I just felt the episode was lacking. I think I should get used to the 30-minute idea more quickly.

Nakayama Yuma and Honda Tsubasa still managed to make us go gaga over the secret relationship Mizuho and Hikaru had, and even add some more tension between them! Just that... the female character had a lot going in her head that most probably we won't get to see them consummate whatever connection they had. Not that I would like that to actually happen any minute, or else recommending this drama to friends, especially to non-fans, would be a hard task (doing it is already awkward as it is).

Sadly, we still had the awkward facial expressions coming in from Tsubasa-san, though they're not that overly disturbing this time. Sigh... I guess I will have to put up with her style of acting than complain about it every single episode. (It will surely become the drama's major flaw in the coming episodes, though).


I'm rather contented with Yuma-san's acting in this episode, and even had a good laugh at one of his moments with the female lead.


But while I totally liked what happened in the previous episode, I might give a second thought on this one. Mostly what I am after this drama's plot is Origuchi Haruka's mysterious past and memories, so finding the lovey-dovey moments of the two main characters straight ahead instead kind of irked me. There was no chance given to develop all of the other major characters, and little for the minor ones.

I would have let that pass, if only they have mentioned at least one tiny bit of progress in the mystery department, much less start going towards that direction. Anyway, I would be able to read from this that the directors might want to get done and over with whatever happened between Mizuho and Hikaru in the past and how they eventually fell apart. Now I can find that relieving (though not exactly interesting).

Between the drama and the manga, I did not really notice any kind of alteration. If anything, it was compression that was mostly done, of course due to the drama's very limited time duration.

In the manga, there was a back story about the man whom Mizuho learned the allegory of the four kinds of people from, but no development on that person's character was seen in the drama. It wasn't that essential, anyway, but still those kinds of details might have been very interesting to discover.


Videography was consistent, and I still love it as it is, but it may only be rather on the technique than on content. They decided to introduce new visual symbols this time, mostly puzzle pieces, but I found those quite awkward to see. I still like the kaleidoscopic symbol even better. Moreover, the lighting was not as good as it previously had been and there were not much color going on in this particular episode, so it was kind of... visually boring.


As previously mentioned, Matchbox Twenty provided the Western insert themes for this series. Parade was introduced this time.

Personally this song came to be my favorite (so far). I love the lyrics and how I can easily follow by just listening to it, not to mention the escalating tempo and level of excitement in it as it plays on.

From Yuma-san's single, we also get to finally hear 水の帰る場所 -Piano Instrumental-. For certain songs I love to hear the non-vocal version so much, and this song is one of them.

Drama OST's in this episode were fine. This time, they're nothing really special, if you ask me. Some of them seemed to have acquired additional volume from before that they made watching some scenes quite annoying.

I know for myself how I am interested with this drama, but aside from the romantic aspect, I may not be so keen of putting this episode into my must-rewatch list. In fact, this one's rather... uneventful.
What's in my heart: irritatedirritated
Last song syndrome: 水の帰る場所 - 中山優馬
Mitsukakuhiro on December 29th, 2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
Chikusho :D Spoiled by myself, LOL. But I'm going to download it now :P, LOL. And watch it now :D
ルーhsjluv93 on December 30th, 2012 12:32 am (UTC)
Oops, sorry to hear that. So you mean you actually clicked on the SPOILER ALERT links? X_____X

Enjoy! :D