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31 July 2014 @ 12:29 am
What my fangirl self has been up to lately...  
You know, I'm not really sure if it shows, but I'm not really active in the Johnny's fandom anymore. I doubt I could come back as soon as I would like to, but then, maybe all good things just do come to an end. I would never stop adoring those boys, though, but then, my fond feelings have found different places to dwell on.

But what exactly are these, and why haven't I shared them up until now? Well, okay, here they are. Bring it on! Sorry for the lateness though, (insert excuses here).

  • Fate franchise
    Damn right. Ever since I finally gave in to the suggestion of watching Fate/Zero, my journey towards the Fate franchise has only progressed even further... wait, whut? Anyway, it's been a long while since I fangirled this much on an anime, and I do tend to be picky when it comes to that.

    So what exactly did I like about Fate/Zero? Hmm... EVERYTHING. Yes, and that's not even exaggerating. I like the accurate, yet creative take on historical and folkloric figures, I like how it focuses on the action and stays away from fanservice, yet still can make you say "aww..." a couple times or so... only to make you feel shattered when doom befalls everything. Woops. But yeah. I like how dark it is, and how awesome the characters all are. If you are in for meticulously-crafted art (and CGI, yes :>), epic battle scenes, and breathtaking cliffhangers at the end of every episode, you should watch this anime.

    As for Fate/stay night, I was less than thrilled after watching the Unlimited Blade Works movie, and I didn't even dare watch the Fate anime from Studio DEEN, but... Man, the visual novel totally rocks! You may want to be warned, though. There are NSFW content in the most uncanny spots of the game... and the maker makes it look like it's a necessary evil XD[but...]But... since when did ecchi become synonymous to "evil"? Idk, maybe this is just my sleepy head talking.

    The fandom doesn't end there, though, since the ufotable adaptation of the UBW arc as anime and the Heavens Feel (or Heaven's? idrk) route as a movie doesn't fail to make me feel hyper every single time I remember about it! *flails* And no need to ask, Heavens Feel is my favorite, coz Sakura emerges among all the girls in a really interesting, dark way.

    Oh, did I mention I'm a sucker for dark stuff? Tehe.

  • Kalafina
    And speaking of Fate/Zero, did I mention how epic the soundtracks and the themes that came with it are as well? Thanks to that series, I got introduced to these three golden voices of heaven! Yes, they're that good. Ootaki Wakana hits the highest notes most of the time, Masai Hikaru gets her share of high notes, but is mostly there for the angelic and soothing feel of the songs (but she can be really angsty at times, too!), and Kubota Keiko makes me dream of having such a deep alto voice that rocks!

    If you ask me which songs I love from their discography, let me tell you this... I LOVE THEM ALL! And if you've heard them, you know you'd understand. But then, my favorites would be red moon, Manten, to the beginning, ARIA, Magia, Lacrimosa, oblivious, Hikari Furu, and consolation. Gosh, that's a lot! :O (and back then, I really couldn't pinpoint my favorite songs but now... @_@)

  • BBC Sherlock
    I don't know why I've jumped into this bandwagon just recently. But I do know it is a good detective series. And man, Benedict Cumberbatch is adorable as fuck asdhjkashdjkahsdhl

    Anyway, getting back on topic. I've always been a fan of detective stories, and I really do regret that I only gave myself the chance to know Sherlock Holmes' character that well just now. I mean, seriously? How outdated can that get? :( Moriarty's awesome, John Watson has a love-hate relationship with Sherlock which I totally dig, and the great detective is as unpredictable and brilliant as heck. What else can you ask for? :3

  • The Big Bang Theory
    Who would've thought I would eventually like American TV shows? Well, for one thing, I liked Pretty Little Liars back then, but I never really liked how they would try and insert the making out scenes every.single.time.

    Well, I guess it's ingrained in the American culture. But in this show, we're dealing with a bunch of physics and comic book geeks mixed up with hot girls, and what have you got? Awkwardly funny interactions at that! Plus, it's totally entertaining to see them desperately try and hook up with girls, only to miserably fail (but then, a certain character tends to be really lucky in the dating game XD).

    Plus, if you like associating hardcore science stuff with comedy, this show's for you!

  • The Walking Dead (Telltale Games)
    I can't believe I could finish a game like that and walk off like its characters are the most important people I've ever met! Seriously, this game makes you care about those CGI characters, even feeling for them when they're happy, or sad, or afraid, or... torn. Gosh. It is a zombie game, alright, but more with human elements at that.

    And yes, your choices do matter. And you have to make them timely. Most preferably, live with them, since that's how life is, right? You have to stick to your choices, no matter how messed up you have made them. OTL

  • The Powerpuff Girls
    Ah, the first love! I've recently picked up three volumes of this cartoon, from different seasons (because this thing's totally rare ;___;). And I still couldn't help but fawn over these cute little girls who could kick butts! \m/ And if you love me, you know what to get for my birthday, right? *puppy eyes*

So that's it for now, I guess. Whew, so much variety, don't you think? Maybe that means I'm opening up to things a little bit more! :D

Do you know these fandoms I've just rambled about? How do you feel about them? Comment below, let me know! *slammed by Jeremy Jahns*
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