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06 March 2015 @ 08:16 pm
別冊カドカワ総力特集 Kalafina  
*shakes off dust*
*waves hand awkwardly* Hi~

Long time no post, eh?
Sadly, non-HSJ nor JE-related post again this time.

So just a quick post since I still have stuff to work on after this... XD
Anyway, after falling in too deep with the Kalafina fandom, I finally decided to buy one of their merchandise from my own money (because my friends' THE BEST albums' gifts don't count :P)

Yesterday, I was about to lose all hope of getting my package within this week when...
Tada! It came~

SAM_8762 blurred

Oh, I still have to pay off that 100 php I borrowed to claim it OTL Why does the post office have to charge that for every shipment huhuhuhuhu

Anyway, I was a little surprised to see an Amazon box used for it. I almost believed for a while that I ordered it from there until I saw what's inside the box...

SAM_8763 blurred

Ah, Kadokawa used Kuro Neko for the shipping, huh? Makes sense why it took so long to get to my friend's house. I've read somewhere they're not that reliable. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, opening the thing and all, I was surprised to see how small the actual magazine is. Pictures can be deceiving, haha! But alas, I didn't take anything with it to show the scale, my apologies >_< It's smaller than your normal magazine, that's what I could assure you.


And I really laughed a bit upon seeing the back cover. You really had to make people see the tickets for THE BEST "Red" and "Blue" are all sold out, huh? XD


Anyway, I'm planning to get some time and translate most, if not all of the articles, but mostly just looking at the photos is mesmerizing... and wow, the smell of freshly-printed paper. ♥

And for the finale, here's an epic Keiko photo for you~ My shot doesn't do any justice, but it's better than nothing, I guess *0*


Until the next post, I guess? :P
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